Golf Digest- Best Training Aid 2016, 2017

8 Videos for you to reference on use and benefits of the IMPACTSNAP.



The IMPACTSNAP by Marty Nowicki and Kelvin Miyahira training instructions.
The Key to consistency is the impact position.  Too many golfer’s are flipping and rolling or casting, and breaking down through impact.

The solution are the 3 moves to get into a great impact position.

1)Lead forearm supination/ Trail forearm pronation.
2)Lead Wrist Flexion/ Trail Wrist Extension
3)Ulnar Deviation in both wrists to snap downwards.
The IMPACTSNAP DEVICE (ISD) trains all of these moves FAST and in the time frame when the movements occur. 
First, take your normal set up, the ball will be positioned below the trail forearm.  Thumbs for a neutral grip will align to the lettering on the grip.


Slowly swing forward so the ball so it touches the inside part of the trailing forearm.  The wrists just accomplished all 3 moves.  I recommend doing this a few times slowly, when the ball hits the inside or the under part of the trail arm, you are in the correct position, all other positions of the ball would not be correct.  

Second, swing the unit back, the wrists will cock and the weight will load, the sliding weight will load (For full swings, preload the weight), the yellow ball will not be near the forearm.
Move the trailing elbow forward and in front of you, leaving your wrists in the loaded position (middle picture), once the hands pass the center of your body, unlock and move the yellow ball so it touches the trailing forearm.

I recommend starting slow, if pressure is in the correct places, the wrists will start to free up and move correctly.  The ISD is designed to train a motor skill pattern. ISD is also designed to use as a player progresses and offers the ability to feel what a full speed release would feel like.
For full swings, Allow the weight to settle into the top of the grip, use increasing speed as you learn, listen for the “SNAP” at or after impact with a punch shot finish motion.


The correct follow through position for using the ISD would point the barrel of the unit to your ball/target line about 10 feet past your body. 

CORRECT                                 INCORRECT (FLIP)


Common Errors
-Too long of a follow through can be bad because you need to check for the ball against the arm
-Snap TOO Early or too much roll of the forearms after impact.  

Finish with the ball on the trail forearm,
Supination should stop at impact in a Drive/ Hold movement to keep the club face square longer.
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