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5-Time Award Winner

Actual Students

Whether you want to practice in the comfort of your own home, at work, or on the road; the IMPACT SNAP allows you to train low-impact, minimizing the risk of golf & tennis elbow.

The IMPACT SNAP makes it simple to feel the proper impact positioning in your wrists & forearms, necessary for maximum distance, control & consistency.

Train a Correct, Repeatable Release

Clubhead Attachment Now Imitates Real Club

Used by the best teachers in golf

Mike Bender, PGA

"So many people flip... which is what this is made for. Using this helps you bow the wrist down & keep the hands ahead."

Hank Haney, PGA

"I saw the before & afters and couldn't believe how good people looked after doing this. One of my favorite training aids!"

Bobby Clampett, PGA

"Helps develop the feel of three dynamics to the golf swing: Load on the backswing, flat lead wrist, lag on the downswing."

Right Handed & Left handed

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Purely Automatic

Feel what it's like to strike the ball cleanly every time you swing the club. Distance wedges, chipping, fairway woods & drive.. Learn to repeat proper wrist conditions through impact with our award-winning training aid. Fact: not all training aids are made equal.

Better Impact Makes Better Golf

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