Martin Nowicki

About Marty: 

Owner of the IMPACT SNAP and www.impactsnap.com, a golf instructor since 1993, a 4-time PGA Teacher of the year, Marty has worked with, under or hosted 12 of the Top 100 golf instructors in the world.  He's learned a lot from Kelvin Miyahira about the physiology of the micro moves of the full golf swing. Marty is also PGA specialty certified in coaching and teaching. 

Marty teaches full time at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Upstate NY. 

Marty has been nominated for the 2016 PGA National Teacher of the Year. 

Kelvin Miyahira 

About Kelvin: 

A teacher, trainer and inventor for over 25 years, has learned from and taught some of the best minds in the world.

The IMPACT SNAP was created by Kelvin Miyahira, golf coach, trainer and inventor. I met Kelvin in 2011. He is a smart guy and a great thinker.

The IMPACT SNAP was the first training aid that Marty purchased from him. As a golf instructor, this device has saved Marty 1000's of words and his students a lot of time learning how to properly use the hands wrists and arms to swing and hit a golf ball. Marty took over ownership in early 2015 to free up Kelvin to do more research and writing..  

Joe/Sal Giancarelli

About Joe:

As good as he is Playing drums for Staind, he is equally as talented running production and assembly for IMPACT SNAP.  His passion for the game of golf rivals that of his musical passion.  He is instrumental in the day to day production of your training aid.  That is when he not on the road banging his drums.


Eric Shillinger is an associate and advisor.  Eric is the Director of Golf at Delray Dunes GC in Delray Beach Florida..  He is on the advisory committee and is responsible for growing the pro to pro business market.

Dr. David Wellenstein (Retired Radiologist) and very good Metal Worker, David is a student of mine and I am a student of his.  He is a passionate person who took the time to show me the process of creating components.  David sits on our advisory board as an engineer and master metal technician, he has helped to streamline the process to get the impact snap into your hands.